// The Photographer, The Designer, and The Maker Jess:

Hello! I am Jesslyn Lai, a graphic design graduate based in KL, Malaysia. photograph, I design, and I make. Besides that, I have also been entrepreneuring since the young age of 15, selling my own brand of handmade personalised wire name jewelry at Dazzlyn Wire.

The Photographer Jess is where I share my photography works, a hobby and passion of mine since 2011. What got me into taking up photography was a spark of interest in capturing the world through what I see. Being a quiet person at times, I like to observe people and things around me, capturing the emotion of the moment into my mental camera. I like it that through photography, we can capture feelings - not just the expressions of what is being photographed, but also the way the photograph conveys what is being seen, which brings back to the basics of photography - achieving them through light, angle, composition, and style. Through this, I believe that photography can bring us to a journey of adventure, or even change the way we look at the world around us.


// If you would like to have me for any photography or graphic design jobs, feel free to drop me an email at iamjesslynlai@gmail.com ! Thank you!

Inspired by, The Maker of Heaven.

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